EGTC Amphictyony

Delegate : Vassilis Xenos Gavriellis, Director of the EGTC AMPHICTYONY


The European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation E.G.T.C. AMPHICTYONY, established in 2008, is one of the first EGTCs established in Europe. It is an evolution of the homonymous Network of Twinned Cities and Areas of the Mediterranean which operated since 1986. With dozens of members (Municipalities, Associations of Municipalities and Administrative Regions), it was the first EGTC to be established with the Mediterranean as the common reference point. It has as primary objective the development and promoting of the cross-border cooperation among the people of the Mediterranean and Europe, for the consolidation of an environment of peace and lasting intercultural dialogue, with an emphasis on the economically efficient, socially just and environmentally viable, sustainable development.

EGTC AMPHICTYONY aims to be in regular contact with the executives of Local Government and civil society organizations, in an effort to map their needs and build the bases for solid and constructive territorial partnerships, in a critical circumstance, in which territorial cooperation and social cohesion constitute developmental and political stakes of crucial importance.

Please download the EGTC AMPHICTYONY PROFILE in greek and in english.