Special ECHO-CULTURE Session

5th Thematic area : Sounds & Soundscapes as elements of the culture of places 

  • Sound Innovations to Improve and create natural and cultural attractiveness
  • Sound environment of monuments
  • Noise pollution and its impact on natural and cultural attractiveness and tourism
  • Soundscapes, Cultural Heritage and Tourism
  • Sound Cultural Heritage and Soundscapes
  • Acoustic ecology and protection of biodiversity and of natural and cultural heritage
  • Urban innovations involving specific population groups (eg immigrants and refugees) to promote dialogue between cultures.

**The deadline of submission of abstracts, especially for this session, is the 30th of July 2018

Special ECHO-CULTURE Session

follow-up of ECHOPOLIS 2013 focusing on sounds as cultural heritage.  

In the context of this inter-disciplinary Event, a special 1-day ECHCULTURE Session will be organised focusing on intangible cultural heritage and its role in shaping cities and places. SOUNDSCAPES considered as part of natural and cultural heritage will be broadly discussed, also as a follow-up of the very successful ECHOPOLIS International 2013 & ECHOPOLIS National 2017 forums organised by SDMED in the past years.

The heritage and identity character of urban soundscapes and other landscapes ( lighscapes, nightscapes…) was recently fully recognized both in literature and in practice. An example is the inscription of the Jemaa El Fna, the main square of Marrakech, on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage that has introduced or encouraged a new heritage registry based on the consideration of oral expressions as they unfold in the urban space. More generally, sounds are part of the cities and the places, part of their sensorial landscape, of their identity. They are one of the urban markers, just like the visual landscape. Nevertheless, the relationship between soundscapes, heritage and attractiveness (including tourism) remains to be further explored.