Maria Elissavet (Marlis) Mpora

Maria Elissavet (Marlis) Mpora

Maria Elissavet (Marlis) Mpora


Marlis has studied Economics at the Department of Economic and Regional Development of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.

In 1996 she joined ZARA, a member of the INDITEX group, which is one of the world’s biggest fashion distributors. Soon she took over the duties of a store manager, in charge of a vast team of people, supervising and coordinating all the departments and the operations of the store. She has a board experience in dealing with a lot of different matters, overcoming obstacles and constantly changing. She is effective in having a positive impact on customers, working team and collaborators.

She has attended plenty of seminars on Management and Leadership and has joined courses of Staff Selection. She has also attended Quality Customer Service seminars and has arranged workshops on Commercial Product Management herself.

Marlis has a great interest in environmental and sustainability issues and believes that sustainability-driven innovation is the only way to ensure environmental and social benefits as well as financial ones.

Marlis  is currently Economist

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