ECHOPOLIS 2018  will include a Special Session about the multi-use concept in European Seas and the existing applications involving combinations of uses in the marine space. Relevant researchers and policy makers are strongly welcome to present their research and/or initiatives/applications. (The deadline of submission of abstracts, especially for this session, is the 30th of July 2018). Special emphasis will be given to the possibilities of implementing the multi-use concept in the Mediterranean. The insular communities of the Aegean archipelago and the private sector will be called to present their initiatives and success stories, either natural (spontaneous) or planned.

SPECIAL BLUE SESSION : The multi-use concept in European Seas

  • Applications of the multi-use concept in European Seas, encompassing UCH (underwater cultural heritage)
  • Tourism, UCH and environmental protection
  • Aquaculture : negative environmental impacts or creative multi-use solutions ?
  • Aquaculture and Offshore wind energy
  • Tourism, aquaculture and environmental protection
  • Tourism, Fisheries and Environmental protection
  • Integrating the multi-use concept in MSP
  • Multi-uses and land-sea interaction