Special session“Spatial strategies and built heritage

Organizers:- Coordinators  Marilena Papageorgiou (Lecturer at the Hellenic Open University, Adjunct Faculty) and Georgia Pozoukidou (Asst. Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, DPD)

Description of the Session

Even if the need for cultural heritage protection is rather old, achieving such goal is always new and still in quest, due to the globalization trends (resulting in homogenization of cultures), the climate change effects (resulting in vulnerability of the cultural assets), as well as due to the social and economic instability (resulting in wars, crises and other unfavorable conditions for achieving conservation and protection of the cultural capital).

Given the above, this special session focuses on “built heritage” located in urban and rural areas, or even in the sea (underwater cultural sites). It welcomes original research and work discussing spatial strategies to ensure wise management, enhancement and protection of built heritage. It also aims to provide insight on how to adapt to contemporary conditions and threats and make built heritage more resilient, without losing the sense of place identity and originality. Of special interest to this session are also spatial strategies ensuring conservation of built heritage for future generations, without compromising economic growth and without undermining contemporary social needs and comforts, thus making the conservation option more appealing. Apart from planning strategies, the session also welcomes discussion on governance issues as well as on participatory techniques for assessing the value of built heritage.

Publication of papers

Papers presented at the special session are to be published at the conference proceedings (e-book). In addition, participants with original research and qualified manuscripts will be invited to further develop their work, in order to be included in a special issue to be hosted by the Journal of International Society of City and Regional Planners (Springer Publishing).